Sprint 79 Release notes


  • Multiple Cash Drawers We’ve added a new functionality to allow a store to define and use multiple cash drawers.  This new functionality includes:
    • New Account Settings screen for managing defined cash drawers.
    • One default called “Main Cash Drawer” is provided and assigned to all previously processed payment entries.
    • Automated tracking of cash drawer assignment by workstation to ensure that one is selected for the workstation prior to allowing payments or deposits to be processed.
    • Permission control to restrict who can close a cash reconciliation while allowing others to submit values only.
    • Extensive rework of the Cash Reconciliation to segregate payment & deposit entries by cash drawer.  Actual values are now entered by cash drawer so that each can be reconciled individually. Included a view by payment method to provide totals by cash drawer for each payment method and the ability to print the cash reconciliations.


  • Bug fix – We made a correction to the Customer order profitability feature to ensure that the profitability of a CO is not recalculated after the CO has been closed.
  • Accounting integration bug fixWe’ve corrected the date issue for stocked-in units when there is a mismatch between the user workstation timezone and the timezone of the store.
  • Accounting integration update – Units created by stocked in trades are being assigned the Default Unit Category.  We’ve made a correction to ensure that the GL used for the trade-in on the deal always uses the same Inventory GL account that is assigned to the Default Unit Category.


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