Sprint 78 Release notes


  • Vendor Order Notes – We’ve added the ability to add notes to vendor orders.  These notes will also be included on the printed document.
  • BRP BossWeb – We have added a new format for exporting vendor orders.  This is in a format acceptable to BRP BossWeb.



  • Job clocking information – In the job clocking tool more information is shown for each job listed making it easier to select the job you want when more than one job exists on a CO.
  • VO select in VR – In vendor receiving, by default all outstanding vendor orders are pre-selected.  Now the user can deselect them all at once in order to just select the one VO they want.
  • Accounting Integration – Trade-in Category – When a deal contains a trade-in the GL account used to reflect that trade-in amount came from a special (now hidden) category called “Trade In Default” which was typically set to an inventory account BUT when the unit is created in inventory for that unit it is assigned the Default Unit Category which MAY have a different inventory GL account.  This meant that is was quite possible that the inventory GL used on the deal for the trade-in could be different that the inventory GL assigned to the create unit via the units category. The change implemented is to ensure that the Inventory GL account on the Default Unit category dictates the GL account assigned to the Trade-in Default category.  This will ensure that the inventory GL used to stock the unit in on the deal is always the same as the inventory GL on the category being assigned to the stock unit that is being created.
    Basically all we are doing is making sure that the GL account used on the deal accounting for the trade-in is always the exact same inventory GL account assigned to the unit that is created in stock.
    If users have separate GL accounts for New and Used inventory it is strongly suggested that they set their used category as the Default Unit Category.
  • Tax Codes for Australia – The use of tax codes for Quickbooks integration has been implemented for the Australian region only.  All other regions will continue to use the “tax as line items” method currently in place.


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