Sprint 77 Release notes


  • Deal Lien Payouts – we’ve provided users the ability to indicate the amount the customer owes to a finance company for the unit they are trading in. This amount gets included in the deal total.  When deal is invoiced this amount is used to generate an A/P in the accounting integration. This introduces a new control account GL.
  • Convert active order back to quote – users now have the ability to change an active customer order back to being a quote.  Previously there was a restriction on customer service jobs and part sales that would not allow this as soon as any line items had been added.  This restriction has been removed provided that the CO hasn’t progressed too far ie: parts were ordered, techs have clocked onto job.
  • Selling order units – users now have the ability to build deals for units which are not in inventory yet because they are still on order.  This is because they want to a) commit the unit to the customer so that it is not available for sale to others and b) to generate deal merchandise/service for those units so that parts can be ordered in advance of the unit arriving.  
  • Fees & Profit – we’ve given the user the ability to indicate on each Fee code if the fee gets included in the calculation of profit represented on customer orders and CO invoices.  Even though cost methods on fee records are factored into this profitability we are continuing to NOT include fee costs in the accounting integration entries.
  • Store credits & CO deposits – deposits on customer orders can now be refunded using the store credit payment method.  Customer store credits can also now be used when adding deposits to customer orders.
  • Co-buyer on financed deal – in the financing section of a deal co-buyer information can now be included as well as on all deal documentation.  This co-buyer is not in any way recorded as a co-owner of the unit which is retained solely by the primary customer on the deal.


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