Sprint 76 Release notes


  • Flag unit as inactive – users will be able to deactivate customer units which are not currently being used and stock units which also do not have a value.
  • Part and Unit Tags – Tags are now visible on the summary pages for both part and unit records.
  • Deal Unit Pricing – We’ve added a refresh action to the Edit Pricing window for a deal unit which will update the pricing details for the unit so that factory and dealer installed options added to the unit after it was added to the deal can be included in the deal unit pricing.
  • Backdating Unit invoice – We’ve provided the user the ability to modify the invoice date when receiving units.  Previously all invoices from unit receiving were being dated on the date when they are finalized.


  • Improvement – Drilling into an item from advanced search will now open in a new tab so that the user doesn’t lose search results simply by clicking into one of them.
  • Bug fix – The status of Vendor Receiving’s was not being updated to “Invoiced” once the VI for it has been finalized.  This includes a deployment script which properly updates the status of all existing vendor receivings.
  • Bug fix – We’ve fixed the profit values shown on unit records. With tax included pricing enabled, the tax component of the pricing in the profit value was incorrectly included.
  • Update – When a unit is added to any service job, either automatically when the job is created OR when the user selects a unit for the job, BOTH the odometer IN and odometer OUT values on the service job will now be updated using the current mileage value from the unit record.  When a service job is invoiced, the unit record mileage field on the unit record will now be updated with the odometer OUT value from the service job.
  • Update – Customer orders opened from the cost tracking of a part record will now use the new format for CO.
  • Update – With tax included pricing enabled, cost based price levels will now ensure that the price on the CO includes tax when the customer is taxable.
  • Bug fix – The invoice summary common search was incorrectly using the “Modified” date as the default filter. It is now using the Invoice Date.
  • Bug fix – We’ve corrected verification of unique VIN when adding customer owned units.
  • Bug fix – The Service Review and Print Deposit documents is now properly including shop supplies for service jobs.
  • Update – We’ve given access to the additional fields available when adding a new customer.
  • Update – We are now includingPlate/Reg# as well as mileages in the unit information on the service worksheet.
  • Bug fix – We’ve fixed the issue with the Invoice Profit that was not calculated for kit line items. When kit is added to any section, line items under kit is now considered while doing invoice profit calculation.
  • Bug fix – We are now recalculating the pricing of the kit line items based on the internal price level when a kit is added to either a Deal Merchandise or a Deal Service section (either manually or from a deal option commit).  Indeed, the price of items in a kit should obey the same rules applied to those items if they were not part of a kit. The only exception being fixed kits.
  • Bug fix – We’ve made changes to prices in both Deal Merchandise and Deal Service. They were not consistently handled in the same way causing invoices generated from this to have different amounts than intended.
  • Update – We’ve removed the ability to create an internal service job for an inventory unit which has been sold.
  • Update – We’ve removed restriction of entering negative quantities on fees when working with a quote.
  • Australia specific bug fix – We’ve corrected the formatting of dates used in search exports for the Australia locale.
  • Accounting integration update – Special categories for Claim Deductible, Stocked Trades, Stamp Duty have now been moved to be control accounts.
  • Accounting integration bug fix –  We’ve corrected the issue caused when a part adjustment had a zero cost.


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