Sprint 75 Release notes


  • We’ve introduced the Account type feature. It gives the users a way to assign an “Account Type” to both customers and vendors in order to enable:
    • Grid searches for these entities to be filtered and/or sorted by this account type
    • Tax exemptions to be controlled by this account type so that it does not have to be maintained on each individual customer/vendor record
  • The Deal specific tax rate feature has been added to give the user the ability to select a different applicable tax for each unit or trade-in.
  • Introduced an optional Trade-in Tax Limit so the sales tax credit for trade-ins needs not to exceed the sales tax for the units being sold.
  • Added the Tax Reporting feature in grid search to provide a breakdown of the sales taxes by individual tax rate.


  • Bug fix – ACV not always being saved on the trade-in
  • Bug fix –  Deal salesperson not always appearing in search results
  • Bug fix – Display issues for service job types in the accounting integration screen
  • Bug fix –  Corrected rideaway pricing calculations
  • Bug fix – Corrected issue with journal entry generated for the resolve oversold action on part records


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