Sprint 72 & 73 Release notes


  • We’ve added Part Movement Report, a new grid search report which will allow the user to see values representing the changes in part inventory levels for a specific month or date range.  
  • We’ve introduced the Profitability feature in our Customer Orders – A user with the appropriate permission will now have the ability to see a breakdown of the profitability by section and entity type on any customer order. 
  • We’ve also added the option to record internal comments on any customer order.  
  • We’ve implemented an ACV (actual cash value) for trade-in units on deals as well as the ability to stock in a trade prior to a deal being finalized. 
  • We are now able to have sublet line items flow through the same process as special order parts on customer orders.  This includes adding sublet line items to VO’s and receiving them to update the cost on the original sublet line item on the job. 
  • On Tech Scheduling, we now have the ability to generate appointments for internal service, deal service and any existing service jobs.


  • Update – The delete Customer Order action has moved to the bottom of the page. 
  • Improvement – Added ability to record who the salesperson is on a deal.  
  • Improvement – Added ability to record the salesperson commission on a deal. 
  • Improvement – Added ability to record the financing commission on a deal. 
  • Bug fix – Missing line items from Invoice Preview when customer order is a quote.
  • Bug fix – Issues encountered when attempting to update Make, Model, SubModels.
  • Update – Removed user ability to access the SF backend UI and SF Calendar.
  • Improvement – Added ability to expose the postal code field in customer search results.
  • Bug fix – Ensured that the Tech Scheduling makes use of the newly implemented job types.
  • Bug fix – Issue where job created from tech scheduling always had the job type of customer pay.
  • Bug fix – Ensuring that changes to the default ordering tax rate do not affected closed vendor invoices.


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