Sprint 70 & 71 Release notes


  • We’ve added new filters and made VIN and Plate Number columns available in Job Searches.
  • We’ve added vendor tax ID to the vendor record.
  • You can now email a Vendor order.
  • In the “Forms” section on customer order, we’ve added a Documents subsection to three of the primary sections: Unit Deal, Deal Financing and Service Job.  Attachments are also located in this subsection. User can now add available forms from the repository and add attachments on all three of these sections.
  • We now have the option to automatically add available forms from the repository to sections of a customer order thanks to the “Linked Forms Management” Section – We also allows these forms to be added when selected vendor products are added to the customer order.
  • Importing picklist from ARI PartSmart into a vendor order is now supported.
  • We’ve added the ability for users to define their own service job types.  This includes the ability to control which categories are used for Parts and Labor to assign Sales and COGS GL accounts to the sales transactions.
  • We’ve  implemented a setting on part records which indicate if the item is a Part or a Merchandise.  Vendors can now have two default part categories, one for parts and one for merchandise.


  • Improvement – Imposed restriction on category selection for tax rates to allow only Tax categories to be selected.
  • Improvement – We’ve ensure that the retail column for Kits, uses the default price level for setting prices.
  • Update – We’ve restored the ability to add kits to a cash sale.
  • Bug fix – We’ve resolved the issue where occasionally user defined searches would disappear.
  • Bug fix – We’ve resolved the blank filter issue when search is selected from a homepage widget.
  • Improvement – Customer order documents now include phone number and email address in the customer information.
  • Update – The Service jobs generated from deals will not have a Concern field populated with “Install deal options’.
  • QuickBooks update – We’ve updated integration to accommodate the new Service Job types.
  • QuickBooks bug fix – We’ve resolved occasional “Divide by zero” errors.
  •  MYOB update – We’ve updated integration to accommodate the new Service Job types.
  • MYOB bug fix – We’ve corrected the issue with exporting part count adjustments
  • Australia specific update – Fusion Benchmarking – Part 1 of 2 – implemented the ability to map Quickbooks GL accounts to specific line items of the 78 line Fusion Benchmarking Export for H-D Australia

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