Sprint 69 Release notes


  • We’ve made final corrections to the new Technician Scheduling app.
  • We’ve started the Phase 1 of Forms – Forms repository.
  • We’ve added a new feature for exporting a Vendor order – 3 formats are allowed: Generic(.csv) Parts Canada(.csv) and HDnet Australia.
  • We’ve added the ARI Partsmart integration – You can now add items to a Customer order by using a Partsmart generated picklist.
  • You can now record customer approvals for service jobs, including digital signature.


  • Improvement – Service jobs generated from deals will not have a Concern field populated with “Install deal options’.
  • Improvement – We’ve added a reference to the customer order number on the Invoice and Bill of Sale documents.
  • Improvement – The invoice preview will now include line items from Quote parts & accessory sales.
  • Improvement – We have the new ability to process Third-Party claims on stock units.
  • Improvement – The action of refreshing the Customer Information on customer orders has been improved.
  • Improvement – The total number of vendors is no longer limited to 999.
  • QuickBooks bug fix – When invoiced under Deal, the Trade-in unit is no longer creating an additional Journal Entry for a cost adjustment.
  • QuickBooks bug fix – We’ve implemented processes for reauthorizing connection to a client’s Quickbooks.
  • QuickBooks bug fix – We’ve corrected handling of COGS JE for deal products.
  • Bug fix – We’ve resolved inconsistencies in the value shown in the Needed For column on vendor orders.
  • Bug fix – We’ve resolved the issue related to deal unresolved fulfillments, which in some cases making the deal so that it could not be finalized.
  • Bug fix – When a unit is sold and a deal is finalized, values in the Price & Cost tracking of the unit are now properly updated. 
  • Bug fix – We’ve corrected the invoice preview issue when CO contains both a Merchandise and a Deal Merchandise section.
  • Bug fix – We’ve corrected phone number formatting issues when billing/shipping country not populated on data loading.
  • Bug fix – The issue with scanning barcodes containing part#/vendor# combination has been fixed.
  • Bug fix – We’ve corrected the issues which did not hide all costs from those users who do not have permission to view costs.

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