Sprint 68 Release notes


  • We’ve released the phase 3 of the new Technician Scheduling app.
  • You can now add images to a unit. We’ve given the option to add up to 5 images to stock and customer units and to access those images in a customer order.
  • By using the Dymo SDK, label and barcode printing is now supporting the DYMO LabelWriter 450.


  • Improvement – We’ve updated the common search for Stock Units to by default, use additional filters of Status = In Stock and Unit Type = Stock Unit.
  • Improvement – We’ve improved the ability to view unit record from either a deal unit or trade-in.
  • Improvement – You can now edit the unit details from the unit Flyout.
  • Improvement – We’ve made more improvements to MYOB integration to ensure alignment with changes implemented in the Quickbooks integration.
  • QuickBooks bug fix – We’ve fixed rounding off issue with Subtotal of line items of Vendor Invoice between BP and QB when discount is applied while vendor invoicing.
  • Bug fix – We’ve resolved the issue in checkout when cash payment rounding is enabled and only a partial cash payment is accepted.
  • Bug fix –  We’ve fixed some Firefox issues encountered in unit ordering.
  • Bug fix – We’ve fixed the ability to enter concern/cause/correction text inside service kits.
  • Bug fix – We’ve corrected the issue where Financing Products subtotal was not listed in the checkout subtotals.
  • Australia specific bug fix – We’ve corrected date/time issues in the scheduler.
  • Australia specific bug fix – We’ve corrected tax included pricing calculation errors.

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