Sprint 67 Release notes


  • We’ve redesigned the receipt format for customer order invoicing
  • We’ve added two new columns in the Customer Invoice searches: Taxable Total and Non-Taxable Total
  • We’ve started the phase 2 of the new Technician Scheduling app – We are still waiting on its completion to release it.

We’ve continued on the accounting integration

  • QuickBooks – We now process a journal entry when the category change on a part of unit reflects a change to a different Inventory GL
  • QuickBooks – We’ve improved the handling of Kits on deal merchandise/service when fulfilled to the deal
  • QuickBooks – We’ve ensured taxes on the Other Charges on vendor invoices is accurately reflected in the Bill sent to Quickbooks
  • MYOB – We’ve made improvements to ensure alignment with changes implemented in the Quickbooks integration


  • Improvement – We’ve ensured that Make/Model/SubModels created either “on the fly” or through the settings screen were always available to the user
  • Improvement – We’ve implemented restriction to finalizing a service job when parts are in an “On Order” state
  • Improvement – The ability to select a category in unit ordering has been improved
  • Improvement – Unit notes are no longer concatenated on deal documents
  • Improvement – We’ve ensured that customer invoices show a balance due when paid for using Charge on Account
  • Improvement – Searches for inventory units now include a column for “Deal Options WIP” so that fulfilled deal options can be accurately reflected in unit inventory report so that there is alignment with the accounting related to those fulfillments
  • Improvement – To ensure that items added to Deal Merchandise are accurately assigned to the correct deal unit, deal merchandise can no longer be invoiced until all Unresolved Fulfillments on the deal have been resolved
  • Bug fix – Invoice preview no longer ignores deals
  • Bug fix – Deal documents will now include temporary units
  • Bug fix – We’ve resolved issues of finalizing third-party jobs when the deductible field is set to a zero value
  • Bug fix – We’ve resolved inconsistencies with customer phone numbers
  • Bug fix – We’ve resolved issues editing customers when the shipping address “same as” flag was not set
  • Bug fix – We’ve resolved issue calculating estimated payment amount when the interest rate was set to zero on financing
  • Bug fix – Tax rounding issues on vendor invoices has been corrected
  • Australia specific bug fix – Invoice amounts reported when Tax Included Pricing is enabled has been corrected.  Now amounts shown on these searches are tax exclusive

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