Sprint 66 Release notes


We’ve released the Phase 1 of the new Technician Scheduling feature (it’s hidden pending the release of Phase 2)

  • The feature will be accessible from the “Schedule” tab in the menu.
  • You can create appointments and have visibility on the availability of your day displayed in a grid view.

We’ve continued on the Quickbooks Integration

  • We’ve developed integrity scripts to monitor and report any issues related to the integration between Blackpurl and Quickbooks Online
  • We’ve also developed error logging and reporting system for all third-party integrations
  • We’ve resolved all issues related to the sublets
  • We’ve resolved all issues related to unit costs adjustments not being properly reflected in the Deal COGS JE
  • We’ve ensured a proper document type is used when generating third-party invoice in QB
  • Issue related to items manually added to deal merchandise/service has been resolved
  • Issues related to F&I Products in the posting of a financed deal have been resolved
  • We’ve updated JE related to cost adjustments on sold units
  • Australia specific – We’ve resolved tax discrepancy for multi quantity line items when tax included pricing is enabled


  • Improvement – When manually adding parts to a Vendor Receiving, we’ve ensured that the cost is populated with the cost from the part record
  • Improvement – We’ve updated customer invoices to show a balance due when the Charge on Account payment method was used in checkout
  • Improvement – We now allow deal option prices to be changed even after they have been fulfilled by deal merchandise/service
  • Improvement – Changing a unit cost directly from the Edit Unit screen has been disabled
  • Improvement – Deleting entries from the costing details of a stock unit has been disabled
  • Improvement – We’ve improved the UX when working with the Concern, Cause, Correction and Notes to Customer fields on a service job
  • Bug fix – For Cash Sales, we’ve disabled the Charge on Account payment method
  • Bug fix – We’ve ensured that internal service jobs always obey the Default internal tax on service
  • Bug fix – We’ve ensured that Deal Merchandise & Deal Service jobs always obey the Default Internal Price Level

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